Japan pension refund service


1.Japanese pension refund service


Foreign residents who work in a Japanese company and are enrolled in Employees’ Pension Insurance for 6 months or more can apply for a partial refund of their insurance payments after returning to their countries.

For example, a person earning 200,000 yen a month who was enrolled in Employees’ Pension Insurance for 3 years can get a refund of around 600,000 yen!(The amount of the refund varies depending on the conditions of pension enrollment.)

This lump-sum withdrawal payment system also applies to foreign technical interns who are enrolled in Employees’ Pension Insurance for 6 months or longer.

Even though they may be eligible for a large refund, many foreign residents are unaware of the lump-sump withdrawal payment procedures or forget to complete them in the rush to get ready to return home.

For this reason, we recommend entrusting the application procedure the lump-sum withdrawal payment to a trustworthy professional before leaving the country.

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