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What payments are refunded?

When a worker is enrolled in the Employees’ Pension Insurance (as are nearly all company employees), the following taxes and premiums are withheld from the salary each month.

1.Taxes ①Income tax withheld at source Tax levied on income
②Resident tax Takes paid to the local government in the area of residence          
2.Insurance premiums ①Health insurance premiums Insurance to reduce medical costs when going to a hospital due to illness or injury
②Employees’ Pension Insurance premiums Insurance for old-age pension annuity payments
③Long-term care insurance premiums Insurance for obtaining nursing care and similar care
④Employment insurance premiums Insurance for living security in case of unemployment

The lump-sum withdrawal payment refunds an amount of the Employees’ Pension Insurance premiums, used primarily for old-age annuity pensions in Japan, that are withheld from the salary each month during the period when an overseas national works in Japan.

Basic information about lump-sum withdrawal payments

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