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How much is refunded?

The amount varies depending on the amount of salary received and the length of time that the person was enrolled in the pension program.

【If you left employment before March 2021】
Example 1: Salary 200,000 yen/month, no bonuses, enrolled in pension program for 3 years ⇒ Approximately 658,800 yen
Example 2: Salary 300,000 yen/month, 500,000 bonuses twice annually, enrolled in pension program for 3 years ⇒ Approximately 1,262,700 yen

The amount of the lump-sum withdrawal payment increases in the following cases.

1.Salary is higher.
2.Length of time enrolled in the Employees’ Pension Insurance is longer (maximum 5 years).

Beginning from April 2021, the lump-sum withdrawal payment covers a maximum period of 5 years (60 months).


CASE1 Mr. G, technical intern

Mr. G came from Vietnam to work in Japan for 3 years as a technical intern at a nursing care facility, and returned to Vietnam at the end of his internship period. His salary was 170,000 yen/month.

Approximate amount refunded: 559,980 yen =
(1) Lump-sump withdrawal payment 447,984 yen
+ (2) Income tax withheld at source 111,996 yen

Case2 Ms. M, specified skilled worker

 Ms. M from Myanmar entered Japan as a “Specified Skilled Worker” and worked in a restaurant in Japan for 5 years before returning home. Her salary was 220,000 yen/month.

Approximate amount refunded: 1,207,800 yen =
(1) Lump-sump withdrawal payment 966,240 yen
+ (2) Income tax withheld at source 241,560 yen

Case3 Mr. D, language school instructor

 Mr. D came to Japan on the JET Program and worked as an English teacher at local elementary schools for 2 years. His salary was 280,000 yen/month in the first year and 300,000 yen/month in the second year.

Approximate amount refunded: 614,880 yen =
(1) Lump-sump withdrawal payment 491,904 yen
+ (2) Income tax withheld at source 122,976 yen

Case4 Ms. D, employee of a Japanese company

 Ms. D came to Japan as a student and was hired by a Japanese company after graduating from university. She worked in the overseas operations of the company and developed new overseas clients. She decided to leave the company and return to her country when her mother became ill. At that time, she had worked in Japan for 5 years and her salary was 280,000 yen/month. She also received two bonuses of 300,000 yen each per year.

Approximate amount refunded: 1,537,200 yen =
(1) Lump-sump withdrawal payment 1,229,800 yen
+ (2) Income tax withheld at source 307,440 yen

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