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Conditions for receiving a lump-sum withdrawal payment

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What are the conditions for receiving the lump-sum withdrawal payment?

  All of the following conditions must be met in order to receive the lump-sum withdrawal payment (Employees’ Pension Insurance).

1.The person is not a Japanese national.

2.The person is not presently insured under a public pension system (Employees’ Pension Insurance or National Pension Insurance)

3.The person was enrolled in the Employees’ Pension Insurance for a total of 6 months or more.

4.The person has not satisfied the period (10 years) which would permit him or her to receive an old-age pension.

5.The person is not receiving annuity payments from a disability employees’ pension (including disability allowance).

6.The person does not have an address in Japan. ⇒Apply after submitting a moving-out notification predicated on your leaving the country.

7.Less than 2 years have passed after the person lost the status as a person insured under the public pension system.

 Applications are only possible within 2 years after leaving employment.

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