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Are there any precautions concerning the lump-sum withdrawal payment?

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Are there any precautions concerning the lump-sum withdrawal payment?

If your country has concluded a Pension Totalization Agreement with Japan, you will be considered to not have been enrolled in the pension system in your country during the period used for calculating the lump-sum withdrawal payment.

If you received a lump-sum withdrawal payment, you will be considered not to have been enrolled in the Japan insurance system during the insurance enrollment period that is the basis for that calculation.

There is the risk of disadvantages such as being unable to receive a pension in your country or being required to pay additional insurance premiums.

Region Countries
1.Europe Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovakia,Finland, Sweden
2.North America USA, Canada
3.Oceania Australia
4.Southeast Asia India, The Philippines
5.South America Brazil

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