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ACROSEED Personal Information Protection Policy

We have been paying attention as close as possible to filing and handling our clients information since the establishment of the office in 1991 because we have been well aware of the importance. As is stated that “on the basis of faith and trust” in our company objective we recognize that maintaining confidentiality is one of our most important company duties to fulfill. We consider confidentiality as an important matter especially in modern, highly developed information society. ACROSEED hereby declares its own Personal Information Protection Policy, and to put it into practice and maintain it.

1.Collection, use, and provision of personal information.

When collecting personal information we disclose the purpose and confirm the one’s agreement. The use of collected information is not to go beyond the agreement. Also we do not disclose any information to third party without the one’s consent. However followings are exceptions. The information is disclosed without the one’s consent

1). when ACROSEED confides filing/saving as data of personal information to a company with which ACROSEED has signed the Confidentiality Contract.
2). when ACROSEED needs to provide the personal information to a financial institute to confirm the validity of credit card number or to confirm the information of an account of a financial institute.
3) when disclosure of the information is legalized or the is ordered by a governmental organization.

2.Appropriate handling and securing the safety of personal information.

ACROSEED handles personal information appropriately. We take information security measures to prevent illegal accesses to personal information and destruction, manipulation, and leak of personal information, and we regularly inspect the validity of the measures. Also the appropriate education schedule is created and it is provided to educate the staffs who handle personal information.


We abide by all laws and ordinances on personal information applicable to ACROSEED. The guideline of relevant agency and ministry on personal information is to be obeyed as well.

4.Continuous improvement of personal information protection system.

Regular assessment on ACROSEED Personal Information Protection System is to be conducted. ACROSEED grasps the changes, for example, in its business contents, the social situation, and progress in information system. At same time reassessment of ACROSEED Personal Information Protection System is conducted so that it is continuously improved.

ACROSEED educates its own staffs to be fully aware of the policies above.

1st, March, 2023
The ACROSEED Director
Makoto Sano

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