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Q1.Is the amount of the refund ever less than the ACROSEED fee?

 his rarely occurs. A person who received a monthly salary of 160,000 yen and paid into the Employees’ Pension Insurance for 2 years (24 month) would receive a refund of around 70,000 yen, which is higher than the ACROSEED fee. There is no need to worry. When requesting the service, we will ask for your approximate monthly salary and the length of time you worked in Japan. If the amount will be close to the ACROSEED fee, we will notify you.

Q2.Can I trust ACROSEED to temporarily handle my money?

 ACROSEED is composed of a public company, a Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist Corporation, and a tax accountants’ corporation. It is a consulting company specializing in legal matters for foreign residents with a successful history of more than 35 years. Our clients span a wide range and include Japanese listed corporations and global corporations. We also publish articles in corporate human resource journals, and serve as lecturers at seminars held by organizations at the top levels of industry. (See the Group Overview for details.)

 The ACROSEED lump-sum withdrawal payment service was launched based on the desire of HR departments at international corporations to support lump-sum withdrawal payments for employees who return to their home countries. The service has been used by large numbers of foreign residents, including foreign employees of large corporations who repeatedly are transferred internationally. Please feel confident in contacting us.

Q3.Is the lump-sum withdrawal payment an official procedure recognized by the government of Japan?

 It is an official procedure that is legally recognized and prescribed in the Japanese Employees' Pension Insurance Act. Since 2010, applications have been submitted by around 60,000 – 70,000 foreign nationals. Anyone can apply as long as the requirements prescribed by law are satisfied.

 The amount you will receive as a refund based on this procedure is the amount which you have paid in the form of insurance premiums that were deducted from your salary and which you are not expected to use in the future. Therefore there is no need to worry that you will sometime have to repay the money after you receive it.

 However in the cases of a country which allows totalizing with the pension system in the home country (countries that have concluded a Pension Totalizing Agreement), be aware that if you apply to receive the lump-sum withdrawal payment, you will be considered to have not been enrolled in the pension system of your home country during that period. (For details, see “Precautions Regarding the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment”.)

Q4.Does the amount of the refund change depending on which company I request the procedure from?

 In principle it does not change. The amounts of the lump-sum withdrawal payment and refund of withheld income taxes are calculated using the same method by local government offices based on the insurance premiums which you previously paid in Japan. The result will be the same no matter who completes the procedure. Requesting the procedure from a certain company will not increase the amount of the refund, and the amount of the refund will not be less even if the application procedure is not performed in the optimal way.

For this reason, the ACROSEED fee is a flat 70,000 yen (tax exclusive) regardless of the amount of the refund.

Q5.Will the refund of the lump-sum withdrawal payment be paid in Japanese yen?

 The lump-sum withdrawal payment for the Employees’ Pension Insurance is in general refunded in US dollars or euros. However a different currency may be used in some countries.

Currency Subject country
US dollars All countries other than the following
Euros Austria, Belgium, Cuba, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
Australian dollars Australia
Canadian dollars Canada
New Zealand dollars New Zealand
Singapore dollars Singapore
Norwegian krones Norway
Swedish krones Sweden
Danish krones Denmark
Swiss francs Switzerland
English pounds UK, Sudan
Japanese yen Iran, North Korea

 On the other hand, the refund of income tax withheld at source is remitted by ACROSEED on behalf of the government. In general, it will be paid in the currency of your country. For details, see Q6 “Are overseas remittances from ACROSEED made using a bank?”.

Q6.Are overseas remittances from ACROSEED made using a bank?

 ACROSEED uses WISE (Transfer Wise) for overseas remittances.

 At present, overseas remittance services are provided by many companies. In general, this involves two-stages of costs: ① the remittance fee, and ② the currency exchange fee. Companies which promote their low fees sometimes charge a relatively low remittance fee but set a higher rate for the currency exchange fee, which can be difficult to understand.

 Under these conditions, we use WISE (Transfer Wise), which offers remittances for low total costs, allows money to be sent to more than 70 countries worldwide, and supports 56 currencies.

参照 WISE(Transfer Wise) homepage

Q7.I have already returned to my home country. Can I still request the service?

 There is no problem at all. You can request that ACROSEED apply for your lump-sum withdrawal payment within 2 years after leaving your job in Japan. Feel free to contact us using the email form on the HP.

Q8.I intend to find work in Japan again shortly after returning to my home country. Can I still apply for the lump-sum withdrawal payment?

 Many persons such as former technical interns whose visa status is “Specified Skilled Worker” come to work in Japan again after once returning to their home countries. If you return to your home country when your “Specified Skilled Worker” visa expires and request the lump-sump withdrawal payment from ACROSEED, there is no problem if you then return to Japan to work again on a “Specified Skilled Worker” visa after a few months.

 Of course if the period you work in Japan on your second “Specified Skilled Worker” visa is 6 months or more, then the next time you return to your home country you can again request that ACROSEED apply for your lump-sum withdrawal payment.

Q9.There is a company in my home country which provides the same service...

 Because the lump-sum withdrawal payment is a procedure that must be completed in Japan, a service company with an office in Japan is recommended in case there is any trouble. One advantage of ACROSEED is that it can respond flexibly if you move and your address changes after the application is submitted, if the bank account submitted in the application changes, or if other changes occur.

 In some countries, companies that propose performing procedures on your behalf will make up various reasons and request additional payments before proceeding to the next step. We have heard of cases where the majority of the refund ends up being paid to the company.

 It is best to select a company you can trust that is located in Japan and has a proven track record.

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